Dr Ambedkar Jayanti WhatsApp Status

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti WhatsApp Status

We all are aware that every year on the 14th April public holiday is there so all schools, colleges & govt. sector organization is off on this day. But does anyone has ever tried to know that for which reason every year we all are getting a holiday? If you are aware of the face then no worries but for those who are not having any idea about it don’t worry we will provide you detailed information about it. Every year we are celebrating Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti on 14th April as he was born on this day.

Dr Ambedkar Jayanti WhatsApp Status

Ambedkar Jayanti is an Indian festival that is celebrated by visiting the statue of Babasaheb’s at your city/ place in procession with dhol, dance, etc. throughout the day. In this digital world now the trend has come to paying tribute in form of updating FB status, images, Wallpapers, SMS, & Twitter, etc. So if you also want to share something related to Dr. Ambedkar then we have come up with some collection for it kindly read the whole article & you will get all information.

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Dr. BhimRao Ramji Ambedkar is the full name of Ambedkar. He was born on 14th April 1891. As he belongs to a very poor family so he has always faced partialism from childhood itself. He was very much fond of studies but in school, he was treated very badly as he cannot sit on benches, drinking water, cannot share his food, etc. But his Mahadev Ambedkar was very fond of him so always used to help him in his studies by seeing his poor condition teacher adopted him & gave his surname.

In previous days Dalits were considered as untouchables so very bad behavior was done with them as Ambedkar stood for all that Dalits & fought for them.  When he was 15 years old his family shifted to Mumbai, went to Bombay University to complete his studies & has gained many achievements. He was the first person who wrote the constitution, introduced the finance commission of India & fought for untouchables, and helped to gave them equal rights.


14th April Ambedkar Jayanti Status & Quotes:

Here we will provide you some nice collection of SMS, Status, Quotes which you can share with your friends & family members on this important day. You can also tell history about Ambedkar for those people who are not aware of it.

  • Men are mortal. So are ideas.
    An idea needs propagation
    as much as a plant needs watering.
    Otherwise, both will wither and die. Ambedkar Jayanti 2016. (Jai Bhim Jayanti Wishes)
  • Sara jaha hai jiki sharan me
    naman hi us BABA ke charan me
    bane us baba ke charno ki dhool
    aao mil kar chadhaye shradha ke phool

  • Like The Religion That Teaches Liberty, Equality And

  • Nazaro me Nazara dekha
    aisa nazara nahi dekha
    aasman me jab bhi dekha
    mere bhim jaisa sitara nahi dekha.
    Jai Bhim!

Who fought for Aam Aadmi
Dalits, Untouchables, and Indians

  • Sh B R Ambedkar Jayanti is Today
    Happy Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Law and order are the medicine of the body politic, and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.
  • Man’s life is independent. He is born not for the development of the society alone, but the development of himself.


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We hope that you would have liked our collection of Ambedkar Jayanti SMS & now you would be aware of history also. For more updates on this special day stay tuned to our website.