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Shayari in English

Why do the stars need light they burn themselves, what do the lovers need for loyalty, they even love the unfaithful.

Never before had these memories been this loneliness, never was there intoxication in the heart, know what effect did his words have, otherwise no one had ever remembered like this.

Those who hate us, we still only die on them, if there is hatred then what happened man, there is something that they only do to us.

Those who care about the rituals, those people commit a crime in love, love is the passion in which crazy people destroy themselves with their own happiness.

Today again the moment is beautiful, there is only your face in the heart, whatever the world says, we have no sorrow, I need you more than the world.

Love Shayari English
Love Shayari English

It is neither from the heart nor from the mind, this love happens by coincidence, but love is found only by making love, this coincidence happens with anyone.

I hid his love for a million times, but I could not hide your words in my eyes.

Sometimes you come in my thoughts and I smile, I call it love, then yes I love you.

Love Shayari in English

What is love, let’s tell in two words, your compulsion and mine become compulsive.

Love is a fragrance, it always stays with you, no person is ever lonely even in loneliness.

Two line love Shayari In English

Journey as far as you are Look as far as you are Although thousands of flowers bloom in Gulshan but, The fragrance is the same as far as you are.

The arrows in your eyes are so clever, I don’t even know for whom.

I wish you would come down in my presence, I will see the mirror and you will be seen, You are in front and this time should stop, And this life will pass by looking at you.

2 line love Shayari In English
2 line love Shayari In English

The eyes do not deny your love, Now I’m not waiting for anyone else, If I am silent then that existence is mine, But you don’t understand that I don’t love you.

There is moonlight from the moon, not from the stars, And love is with one and not with thousands.

Why does someone fall in love so much Waiting for even a day becomes difficult, Yours also starts feeling alien, When a stranger gets attacked.

2 line love Shayari In English

I meet you like this to become your dress, By making you, the ocean itself should become thirsty, Today I will be scattered in the facet, Tomorrow may not be possible, I can find you.

A shore has been found out of the vortex, Got a support to live again, My life was in a lot of trouble, Now you have got your support in this life.

decorate like a dream always keep it hidden in your heart my fate is not with me or else Keep it as yours for the rest of your life.

Can’t bow down every mountain, Can’t dry every river Even if you forget us But we can never forget you.

Love shayari in english pdf

Sweet sweet memories adorn the eyelids take the moments spent together in the heart If I do not see in reality Smile and call me in your dreams.

silence is no less than agreement Simplicity is not less than singing This is my point of view my friend Otherwise friendship is not less than love.

Somebody loves the moon, someone falls in love with the sun, we love them, who loves us.

Yearning eyes asked you every moment like this Like the moon is sought in every new moon That God got angry with us too When we asked for you in our every prayer.

Not every decision is made by tossing a coin, This is a matter of the heart, just take care Do you know how much we love you, Tell me to keep it now, take out your heart.

Love shayari in english pdf

Come slowly and go down in our hearts, You are scattered in my breath like a fragrance, Now this condition has happened in your love, Only you can be seen while sleeping.

I write with my pen that words are you, Let me think with my mind that you are the thought, I should ask in my prayers that you are a vow, And what we keep in our heart is what you want.

If I did two things to him, then the pain of the heart was lost, People asked us what happened to you, We just kept smiling Now how can we say that we have also fallen in love with someone.

I am crazy about you, I do not deny it, how can i say i don’t love There was some mischief in your eyes too. I am not the only one guilty of this.

Recognize by the charge on the heart, Now people know me by your name.

Attitude Love shayari in english

time changes with life life changes with time time doesn’t change with you Only change on its own with time.

There is no end to love, Whatever the path is, it is not the same beautiful thing.

your love is our story This story is a blessing of the moment I don’t know about our death But this life of ours is only crazy about you.

I wish to make you my own And there is no desire for this crazy person, I am not complaining to you but to God. What was the need to make you so beautiful?

There’s something behind someone’s heartbeat Behind every pain there is a memory you know it or not Behind your laughter or happiness is our prayer.

Attitude Love shayari in english

What is the heart that does not give mercy Don’t live by forgetting you will be your love life That is another time if life does not favor.

Why do you persecute us like begano? sometimes remember like lovers There was some deficiency in us that you can’t remember There was something in you that we could not forget you.

You are far from heart and also near, You are the laughter of love, and the tears too, You are the peace of heart, and the restlessness too, You are our trust, and a dream too.

How beautiful is this life Now you just come, you need only.

We got to wait for a while, But we found the sweetest friend, There is no hope of anyone else after you, Because we got everything from your love.

Heart Touching love Shayari in English

Can’t assure your confidence Can’t forget you all life What else can we give you except love Moon and stars cannot be brought.

Whether you see or not see it, it is not sad, But the reward of not seeing you is no less than seeing someone.

There was a fire in the heart when he was angry, Realized when they parted, By doing so he could not give us anything, But he gave a lot when he became webfa.

Your love has made us nameless, Unknown to us every happiness, We never wanted us to be in love, But his first sight got us auctioned off.

Your love has made us nameless, Unknown to us with every happiness, We did not want that we should also be in love, But your first sight sold me.

Heart Touching love Shayari in English

What a beautiful feeling of your love Now I feel that every moment you are somewhere near me.

Every moment is giving the message of your remembrance, Now your love is taking my life.

When the ocean of love descends in someone’s soul, Then people are alive, but inside someone else.

It is so comforting when we talk to them, That’s one night in a thousand nights, When they look up and look at me, Then that moment is the whole world for me.

Somebody gets angry at someone, A stranger’s face becomes a friend, Love is not always due to merits, Sometimes one falls in love with one’s shortcomings.

Love shayari in english copy paste

Some people’s love goes down in the heart like this, When you take them out of your heart, your life is gone.

No one gets dearer than love in life, No one gets dearer than love in life, Take care of what you have, Because once lost love is not found again.

they do their mischief with their eyes They do doom with their actions. Our eyes do not turn away from their faces, And they complain about our eyes.

This look spoke with that look, Be silent but still talk, When the fiza of love was found happy, So both the eyes made it rain crying.

Neither the desire of the moon, nor the desire of the stars, You are with me in every moment, this is my only wish.

Love shayari in english copy paste

Can’t tell the condition of the heart We do not know how to torment anyone like this, We want to hear his voice, But we don’t have an excuse to talk.

Who told you this, you make a spectacle of love, If you love us then just make a little gesture.

One look of yours makes me forget all my sorrows, Makes my life a life.

don’t look at that who refuses to see you Look at that look in this gathering of the world who waits for you.

When the thought of you kept coming in my heart, So for a long time my heart kept beating loudly, The mention of you that broke out in my house yesterday, So for a long time my house smelled.

Love Shayari in English for girlfriend

We are with you every step of the way, Even though right away from you, but you have, Whether we are yours or not in life, But we feel your lack every moment.

Whether this is our love or something else, I don’t know. But what is from you is not from anyone else.

Seeing you, where it looks colorful, Where does the heart find peace without you, You are my heartbeat Where without you it seems useless.

I love you more than my life, I am afraid of death not more than your separation, If you want to try and see us more than anyone else, Nothing in my life is more than your voice.

If you tell the reality, they feel like a dream, Teach them they find it funny, How fondly we remember them, And there are those who find all this fun.

Love Shayari in English for girlfriend

The heart wants to drown in your lake-like eyes, Your heart wants to be ruined on loyalty, Somebody takes care of us, the steps are being deluded, The heart wants to die in your love.

They ask what happened to us, Now how can we tell him that he is in love with him?

Now we don’t want to lose you Now don’t want to cry in your memories, Every moment we meet with you just, Now I just want to tell you one thing.

the cage of breath will break someday This traveler will be left in some way If I’m alive now talk to me Do you know when God will get angry with us?

When talking with silent eyes, So this is how love begins, We just keep getting lost in their thoughts, I don’t know when day becomes night.

Love Shayari in English for boyfriend

You break the oath that you have taken, What’s wrong with remembering sometimes, Even if I live without remembering you, I can’t go, You have created such a place in your heart.

You break the oath that you have taken, What’s wrong with remembering sometimes, Even if I live without remembering you, I can’t go, You have created such a place in your heart.

Save a million hearts but love is bound to happen, The eyes are the eyes after all, this mischief is bound to happen.

There is only such a principle in your love, When you are accepted, your everything is accepted.

Love teaches everyone to live, Teaches to die in the name of Wafa, If you don’t love then try it The oppressor teaches to bear every pain.

Love Shayari in English for boyfriend

Life was a wave then you got it I don’t know how we deserved you Will never be able to forget that laughing moment, When you joined our life.

Sometimes you wish for life sometimes you wait for death I don’t know why he is away from us Whom we love more than life.

Whatever happens in the heart is not said, Now the pain-e-separation is not tolerated, If possible, come back with some excuse, Now I can’t live without you.

Your shadow is in our heart, Your memories are in our eyes, How can we forget you Your love is in our breath.

A voice comes from the corner of the heart we miss them every moment Heart asks us again and again as much as we remember them Do they miss us too?

Heart touching love Shayari in english for girlfriend

I don’t know why he smiles at us All the sorrows inside are found hidden, They know that maybe the eyes speak the truth, That’s why they meet us by bowing their eyes.

Don’t take these distances as separation Don’t take these silences as resentment Will support you in any case If life does not support, then do not consider infidelity.

Love is the name of living Love is just infamous If you love once, then see, Love is the name of drinking every pain.

A smile has no value, Some relationships have no weight, Such people are found at every turn, But no one is as precious as you.

Flowers bloom, springs end, It is only in such weather that love accumulates, The words of the heart are not spoken with the lips, This fate is told through the eyes.

Heart touching love Shayari in english for girlfriend

Some relationships don’t shine Some memories don’t go away, Some friends have such a relationship, Even after staying away, their smell does not go away.

Know when love will be expressed to you, Know when you will love us, These nights are passing in your memory, Know when you will also be waiting for us.

What is the benefit of drinking jam over jam? Drink will get down in the morning in the evening, Just take two sips of my love and see, Your whole life will be spent intoxicated.

Life was a wave, you were shaken, I don’t know how we deserved you We will not be able to forget that happy moment, When you joined our life.

When the night goes, the stars are gone, What’s wrong with the people when we’re gone, We could have won many games, We went to losers just to win some loved ones.

Make a promise to us, you will not make us cry, Whatever the situation, we will never forget you, You will keep us hidden in your eyes, And then you will not show it to anyone.

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New Love Shayari English 2023

The sun is the one who supports the sky throughout the day, The moon is the one who supports the stars throughout the night, Love is the one who stays with you for life, And the friendship that supports you every moment.

Love is not tried in love, Love is never found by trying, It takes faith to find love Love is never fulfilled without trust.

God only asks for your happiness, I ask for your laughter in prayers, think what to ask of you, Let’s ask you for love for a lifetime.

When people consider love as God, Why do you consider loved ones bad? When the age is the stone heart, Then why do people pray with stone?

We can’t tell you your importance in life. We can’t show you your place in my heart, Some relationships are very precious, We cannot explain you more than this.

We don’t know what love is We do not consider our own life as our own, Got so much sorrow that now I do not realize, We do not believe if someone loves us.

New Love Shayari English

Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes you make me cry, Sometimes you wake up from sleep, But whenever you remember us by heart, So you really give a big moment to our life.

If the destination is in front, don’t turn your steps. Do not break the dream which is in your heart, You will get success at every step, Never leave the ground just to touch the stars.

When some night you are reminded of someone, And the cold wind caresses your hair, So close your eyes and go to sleep, And secretly let us come to your dreams.

I don’t know what this love is like, What should we tell, how is this secret? Who says you are like the moon, We say that the moon itself is like you.

love their memories Millions of lives spend on them, If he meets you on the way, So tell them we still wait for them.

Know why we have to shed tears I don’t know why my heart doesn’t know why friends leave us Maybe we just can’t get along.

silence is no less than agreement Simplicity is not less than singing This is my point of view my friend Otherwise friendship is not less than love.

Neither gulfam nor salam is needed. Just need some message of love, And the one whose senses fly away after drinking it, Our words need such a jam.

Whether he understands or not understands my feelings I have to believe everything they say we will go away from the world one day But see that he will sleep alone every night.