Top 10 Instagram Notes 😈😈

हेलो दोस्तो आज मैं आपके लिए Top Instagram Notes लेकर आये है। मई उमीद करती हु की ये सभी Top Instagram Notes आपको बहुत पसंद आएंगे और अपने दोस्तों के साथ भी जरूर शेयर करना नहीं भूलेंगे(Top Instagram Notes)

Top Instagram Notes

Am i Finishing my Education
or My Education finishing meh


I’m a Social Vegan
I Avoid meet


Dating tips: Don’t


My homemaker isn’t done
but I sure am


Be nice to me..
I may be hot one day…


Reading Your Notes…


Feeling at night hits different..


Ek ko hie Chuna aur la
usne hie Chuna lga diya..


Life Update:- Ho hi nahi rahi..


Chura ke dil mera.., Anxiety chli tu rurururu


Sympathi nahi Sampati do…


Zindagi aapko dukh degi..
Lekin aap na mana kar dena


Valuable Bano…
Available Nahi…


Barish ho rahi hai…
Bhaut Accha Mauka hai Dub maro…


Need Googles maps to
Find acchi Kismat…


Happiness Starts with..
Bhaad me jao sab..


The only skill i got in
my life is mushkil…


Jo Khafa ho..
Vo Dafa Ho..

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Top Instagram Notes

Lost in my own thoughts


You see that?
My Patience is leaving…


Value the one who cares..


Your heart knows truth..


Never Wanted perfect.., Just Real…


Control Your Emotions…
Learn to React Less..


Be the person your hearts wants..


Character is the first beauty…

Top Instagram Notes

Sometimes feelings are difficult to explain..


If someone makes you happy…
Make than Happier


People come and People go..,
That’s what life is..


H= Hold
O= On
P= Pain
E= End


Trust your Instincts..


Pray.., Wait.., Trust


When you can’t find the sunshine..,
Be the Sunshine..


Some People Always stays with us..
with or without Conversations..


Don’t Let go of what makes you happy..


Honest feelings and Bad Timing
Make the Most painful conversation…


Some Times’s it’s not the butterflies that..
tell you you’re in love.. But the pain


Relax.. Recharge.. Reflect..
Sometimes it’s okay to do nothing…


Sometimes one hope makes you never…


Time tells truth…


Just smile and say I’m fine..
Bcoz Nobody really cares you..


Set Limits..,
Not Everyone is worthy..


Satisfy your souls…
Not the society..


Let it go…


Memories stay…
People don’t..
That’s life…


some souls suffer silently…


A change isn’t always positive


Not Everyone deserves to know the real you…


The right eyes know your worth…


Dream without fear…
Love Without limits…


When things change inside you..
things change around you..

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