Top 10 Love Status In English

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Top 10 Love Status In English

“Because of you, my heart is out of control.”


“I want to listen to your heart and take you to every beautiful place on earth.”


That moron doesn’t know what I can do to help him, I said.


You look like a dream, and if it were a dream, I wouldn’t want to wake up.


His “Goodbye” and “Love You” put an end to all of my complaints.


“I learned how important you are to me in just one meeting,” the speaker said.


I’m not sure when I became so busy that I stopped spending time with my love.


I trust you, so you don’t need to explain anything to me.


“Do not try to change who I am; you love me because this is who I am.”


I leapt into the pool of your love without realizing that I couldn’t swim.


“The only inherent factor in sustaining a relationship is trust.”

Top 10 Love Status In English

I shall always adore you, so that is my obstinacy.


“You cannot love your partner if you do not trust them.”


In any relationship, it’s crucial to give each other space.


“Giving someone freedom is love; not capturing them is love.”


I rejoiced in my defeat as well as their victory.

Top 10 Love Status In English

Keep your love close to your heart and do not let anyone take it from you.


“Never give up your love while there is still hope.”


“Without you, this line will be severed; you are my lifeline.”


“Think before you enter my life. I don’t like passing fancies.”


I want to love you until you decide that enough is enough.

Top 10 Love Status In English

“Me meeting you is my destiny, and nobody can change that.”


“The one thing you can never change is my love.”


I would have given up if there had simply been love, but you have become a habit.


“I only want to sleep when you are not nearby because in my dreams you are always with me.”


I simply want to love you and be with you despite all of your flaws.


“I want to accept you in the same way that you accept me.”


“Loving someone makes you selfish because you want them,”


I don’t say anything when you’re upset because I don’t want to lose you.
“I’m happier than you when you’re happy. I cry more tears than you do when you’re sad. I don’t say anything when you’re upset because I don’t want to alienate you.


I feel like I was born to be yours because of the wonderful way your love constantly makes me feel.


“You are not just my wish; you are essential to my survival.”

Top 10 Love Status In English

“You are amazing yet simple, and most importantly, you are mine,”


“It appears that I was only waiting for you after meeting you,”


It’s a little difficult to breathe without glancing at you, I admit.


We will succeed in this exam because our distance relationship is merely a modest test of our love.


“Love doesn’t depend on appearance; there is no such thing as love at first sight.”


I tried to delete your existence from my life, so please understand that if my existence has been erased from the planet, it will be my fault.


There is no need to apologies; I will vanish from your universe and you won’t ever see my face again the moment you start liking someone else.


The most crucial thing is to meet you, but there isn’t enough time and there are many of things to do.


It had always been my fantasy to wake up next to you, and today it has.


Although I may not have been your first love, I will be your last.


Dare to fight for the person you love if you dare to fall in love with them.

Top 10 Love Status In English

My heart feels uneasy when I cannot see you.


When I’m with you, I’m at my happiest.


When you’re around, it’s happy hour for me.


I want to spend the rest of my life right here, next to you.


The sunshine you provide me in the form of your grin.


I always need water, and you are a well to me.


Without my soul, I could survive, but not without you.


I change, but my love for you never changes.


Without water, I can go on for hours, but not without you.


When there are no restrictions attached to love, it is at its purest.


My heart and soul fell in love with you the moment I first laid eyes on you.


Rare is the love that endures forever. The luckiest person among them is the one who finds it.

Top 10 Love Status In English

I get called crazy for loving you with such utmost purity.


You are the real-life embodiment of the love of my dreams.


You filled me up while I was empty.


You have sole access to every heart chamber in me.


Your love was like a syphon, sucking away all of my emptiness.


You were the missing piece in the puzzle that was my life.

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You don’t need to go elsewhere for love because it is abundantly available in my heart particularly for you.

You are the full moon, and I am the tide.


As long as my heart keeps beating, you can exist there.


Even though I can’t sing, if you were a song, I would sing it to the end.


You are my instructor in love, and I am your pupil.


Hatred makes us foolish while love makes us blind.

Top 10 Love Status In English

I want to be with you forever and ever, always.


When I fell in love with you, the meaning of my existence was complete.


I might be foolish for falling in love with you. However, I have been craving this foolishness my entire life.


My infinite love for you justifies my short time here on earth.


I can lose sight of what it is to be loved without you.


All my life, I have been missing your beautiful soul.

Top 10 Love Status In English

Just like you need air to breathe to stay alive, you also need love to feel alive.


I could only choose to love you if love was an option.


In my life, you serve as the answer to the question mark.


Before you started loving me, I never wanted to be loved.


I’m aware I shouldn’t declare my affection for you. But I’m good at making you feel it.


Even if you are far away, I always feel you in my arms.


When you’re in love, the moon seems brighter than ever, the world is calmer than ever, and your heart is beating more quickly than ever.


Every time I try to stop thinking about you, it is more and harder for me to do so.

Top 10 Love Status In English

Absent gravity, I would still be in love with you.


I shine so brightly because of you that the sun is now envious of me.


Since I already have a monopoly on your affection, I will never try to win it from you.


Before you moved into my heart, it was impure.


When love is betrayed, the relationship actually ends.


My obligation to love you, not my desire.

Top 10 Love Status In English

The more I saw the flawed you, the more I loved you.


Give me a brief moment of your heart. From there, I’ll discover a way to your soul.


I only catch myself grinning when you are nearby.


You give me strength, and your love gives me bravery.


Before I met you, the fairy tale was merely a work of fiction.


Love is the fuel for the adventure that is life.

Top 10 Love Status In English

I appreciate that even after discovering my dark side, you still love me.


Do you realize what is amazing? My devotion to you. Because even though I am not flawless, it is!


How is a man supposed to fall in love again when his first partner left him with nothing but a broken heart?


I would never be able to stop my life from disintegrating if I hadn’t met the love of my life.


Love is not intended for those who consider quitting up.


Love has the power to revive all of your sweetest life memories.

Top 10 Love Status In English

Not because I was alone but because I was willing to take on all the penalties, I loved you.


You are the only one for whom I have a smile when I awaken.


When you start placing restrictions on your love, it ceases to be love.


My love for you has not changed, and I don’t think it ever will.


It doesn’t seem like a very long time to spend my entire life with you.

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