Top Motivational Quotes

हेलो दोस्तो आज मैं आपके लिए Top Motivational Quotes लेकर आये है। मैं उमीद करती हु की ये सभी Top Motivational Quotes आपको बहुत पसंद आएंगे और अपने दोस्तों के साथ भी जरूर शेयर करना नहीं भूलेंगे (Top Motivational Quotes)

Top Motivational Quotes

Love Me OR Hate Me
Both Are in My Favor
If You Love Me..,
Till Always be in Your Heart..
If You Hate Me..,
Till Always be in your mind…


The Age of 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23 isn’t easy…
You lose Friends..
You make Mistakes..
You Fall..
You Realize things..
You Hit Reality..
You Lose Yourself…
And You Become Stronger..
and those are best Years of your life too..


Good Times and Crazy Friends
Make the Best Memories..


I’m not Single Because..
I can’t get anyone..
I’m single because every time..
I Focus on someone..
They show me exactly ..
Why I’m Better off Alone…

Top Motivational Quotes

Nobody is too busy..
To Call or to see someone..
If They Like You..
They will find a way..
to be with you..


When you are happy..
You enjoy the music..
but When you are sad..
You understand the lyrics..


Money Says…
You have to Earn me…
Future Says..
You have to win me…
Beauty Says..
You have to love me…
Calendar Says..
You have to turn me..
Time Says…
You have to Plan me…
But God Simple says…
Remember me…


Don’t Discuss Yours’s partner’s…
Mistakes with your family…
Because You’ll Forgive them..
But your family will not forgive them..


Rule Number #21
Don’t feel sad if someone ignores or Rejects..
People you usually ignore Expensive things..
Because they can’t Afford them…


To all of you Read here..
People Don’t Like you…
People Don’t have to Love You..
They Don’t Even have to respect you..
But when you look in the mirror..
You better love what you see ..

Top Motivational Quotes

Every Warrior must learn the simple truth..
The pain is Inevitable..
and Suffering is Optional…


Better Days are Coming
Be Patient..
No Regrets in Life..
Just Lessons Learned…


Never Regret a day in your life..
Good Days= Give Happiness
Bad Days= Give Experience
The Worst Day= Give Lessons
& The Best Day= Give Memories

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If you are Ugly..
You are ugly…
Stop talkin about Inner Beauty..
Men do not walk around with Xrays to see your Ineer Beauty…


Loving a girl more than yourself..
Is the Most Beautiful way you can kill Yourself…


What is the Number One Problem Facing Men Today? &
What is The Number one problem Facing Women Today?
The Number one Problem With Men is that they Don’t tell women the truth..&
The Number one Problem With Women they can’t handle the truth..


It Hurts..
When You Lose that Bond..
Who you Thought..
Will stay Forever..


If You Can’t Fly..
If you can’t Run…
If you can’t walk..
But by all the means..Keep Moving..

Top Motivational Quotes

My Body wants More Sleep But
My Pocket Wants More Money…


No Calls? I Understand..
No Text? I Understand
No Time for me? I Understand..
But when you see me with Someone Else…
I Hope you Understand..


No Matter how hard..
The situations gats…
Right People will never..
Leave you Alone!!


Enjoy the Journey…
Not the Destination…
A lot of us Delay our happiness…
When you got to this level..
When you got your degree
When you got the kids..
When you got Married..
You’ve Gonna be happy..
Enjoy the Journey..,
Enjoy the whole step..,
The Whole Process..
Celebrate all along the Way..


You’re lucky if you can get even one Really good best Friend in your life..


Sometimes being alone…
Is the Best Medicine to your Soul..

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